The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Ideas


We all want to do our part to save the environment, leave our mark and give the next generation something to live for. Yes, it’s everywhere, ways to save Mother Earth, ways to clean up the air and ways to help the environment become green again. And so how does one do his part when decorating their homes? Take our top 5 tips at doing what little bit you can in taking part in the Eco-Friendly drive.

1. Having a rubber slipper factory in the Philippines has its perks. The cut-up scraps that fall to the floor in the production line end up in Hipcycle’s flip-flop rugs! So since these rubber flip-flops have never been worn before, there’s no need to feel icky about feeling slippers as a rug. These look and feel great in a porch or balcony.

2. An outdoor wooden deck is a dream addition to any home. But the cost of maintaining one is probably what drives people away. Now there’s an alternative to wood and that is ceramic flooring. It is 85% recycled from ceramic materials so for sure, these will never fade under the heat and brightness of the sun.

3. The favorite among plant lovers because of its versatility, bamboo is one of the most abundant and fastest growing plants on the earth. So there’s hardly a lack of supply. Lately, there’s been a growing number of interior designers who are looking to incorporate bamboo in their furniture design including the paring of rugs and carpets made from bamboo. Bamboo seems to fit into any room design.

4. The use of reclaimed white oak floors is a clear way to save Mother Earth. This is especially useful in cold climates because white oak is known for its radiant heating capacity and its resistance to rotting. Not only that, it is also good for the long wear and tear scenario of a living room floor.

5. The porch is one of your main attractions but if it doesn’t entice people to come in, you have some serious thinking to do about it. Might we suggest a plastic bottle porch made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This porch made of plastic is just as sturdy as any wood material you can think of. It comes in different colors, too.

When it comes to flooring ideas, there are hundreds out there to choose from. These are but a few. Consider the savings you can make not just for you but for your next generation.

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