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Canvas printing is a very popular choice for discerning artisans living in twenty first century cities and towns all over the world. Hipsters to office workers, everybody is getting in on the latest trend, which is really one of the oldest of all, but has been neglected in recent years. The main benefit of printing on canvas is the visceral and realistic detail which it allows, much more so than framing a picture does.

Once in a frame the image seems limited, unable to flourish beyond the locked in style it has been bound to, yet, with canvas the smooth texture makes the image seem so touchable and available. Digital photography has provided canvas with the type of renaissance that many thought would never happen, it had been used by artists for centuries of course, but moving analogue images onto the material was costly and difficult to achieve, plus the results were often grainy and not at all pretty. Digital technology has changed all of that though and the skills and techniques available now mean that literally anybody can produce works of art that can really take advantage of the possibilities available with this type of material and media.

The technicalities of the whole thing may go over the head of many, so, to simplify, it is best to imagine that the bigger a picture gets, the less clear it generally appears. However, detail is no issue when printing in this style as the material enhances imagery and detail.

While once a smile may seem off, or the tone of a sunset may not have been captured in the dreamy and mysterious way that it was originally observed, this is no longer a concern as the materials used are ever more affordable and are ever increasing in their clarity and sense of style. Pixelation is an important factor in all of this and generally better cameras tend to produce clearer images, however, this is not always the case and it is dependent on the size of image that is needed.

A billboard, for example, would probably need a photograph to be taken with at least ten megapixel capability, but, these days, that type of camera is pretty much standard issue and comes as standard with most manufacturers. Luckily, your canvas is unlikely to be billboard size and so even if you do not have such a highly advanced camera, you can still turn your images into spectacular works of art to be placed in your home or to be given as personalised, unique and original gifts to friends and families, or even, mischievously, to enemies!

This is but one of the many wonderful results of the technological revolution which allows for all people to be empowered and take charge of their own art, to be living works of art constantly striving to capture the world around them and to translate its meaning in a way that is most empowering – almost the very definition of post modernism in which art lives and acts upon us in every interaction with the inanimate as well as with the sentient.

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