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People spend the majority of their lives in their homes and for that reason it is essential that their home represents their own personalised ideological standpoints on life.

These need not be deep or profound, although there is certainly nothing wrong with taking such a stoic approach to existence.

While a building may look grand externally, it is the internal elements that are key.

Visitors make judgements based upon the aesthetic elements found inside the homes of the people that they visit and come to conclusions, fairly or otherwise, based upon these visual elements that may affect the subconscious and give away clues that are never fully formed, but still create visions of an individual’s identity.

Great care and consideration must go into designing a home and the current abundance of television shows that focus on how to style, model and make houses is a testament to the current wave of popularity for people to ‘do-up’ their residences and make them into so much more, a reflection on an owner’s very soul perhaps, their artistic sensibilities, or their political, religious or ideological perspectives.

It is strange but true that such abstract notions can come across in things as simple as the shape or type of drinking glasses or mugs you chose to give your visitors.

Other things count too though, the type of table and chairs you select, their colour, style, size, your television, fridge and even the objects which are barely noticed, such as cutlery and table cloths, have the potential to say so much about you that they must be chosen with care and consideration.

Every single thing that you purchase makes a statement about how you view life; minimalism, existentialism or consumerism – all different points on a paradigm of modern existence which we all are caught up within and which are reflected out to the world through our choices in the things that we choose to buy and display.

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