Cork Flooring For Your Office Or Home


If you are looking at flooring alternatives for your home and are leaning towards wooden flooring, why not think about Cork flooring as a possible alternative? Modern cork flooring in Melbourne is very versatile, as well as hard wearing and available in a wide variety of different colours.

Cork also comes from 100% sustainable sources with planted trees producing commercial cork after 25 years and only being harvested every 9 years, which does not damage the tree. Producing cork flooring using this process is environmentally friendly, as well as being fully sustainable. Cork flooring also looks great and is very practical for your home or office space.

Quality Cork Tiles

When you are looking to install cork flooring in your home or office, you will need to make sure that you choose a supplier that offers high quality products. There are different types of cork flooring available, which are suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

  • Water Resistant Technology (WRT) – This type of cork flooring is water resistant and suitable for standard traffic, which makes it an ideal solution for your home.
  • High Performance Surface (HPS) – This type of cork flooring is also water resistant, but is designed for high volumes of traffic, which makes it a better choice for commercial use in your office or place of business.

Incorporating cork tiles into your wooden flooring design is a great way to add style and contrast, as well as having something, which is practical and suitable for both home and business.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

Modern cork flooring in Melbourne comes in a wide variety of different colours and finishes, which means you can guarantee that there is an option to suit just about every taste and style. As the cork used for flooring comes from a sustainable source, cork tiles are an environmentally friendly choice.

Wooden floors are much easier to keep clean of dust and debris, and you will not need to use a vacuum cleaner, as a brush is quicker and easier, so you also save on electricity. A reduction of dust in your home can help with your family’s heath, and reduce both allergies and also respiratory problems such as Asthma. Cork is also a great insulator of sound, as well as heat, so your floors can remain warm to touch and you will not get as much of the echo that you get with the more traditional solid wood flooring. A cork floor can also aid your posture, and hence your health, due to it being soft underfoot. Your posture as well as the wear and tear on your bones and joints can be eased. So cork flooring is not only stylish, practical, and easy to maintain, it can also improve your health!

A World of Choice

There is a vast amount of choice in both finishes and colours. You are sure to be able to find something, which is going to fit the design and style of your home or place of work. You can choose a dark or light shade of cork flooring, which comes in a wide selection of different colours.

  • Blacks
  • Browns
  • Reds
  • Yellows
  • Silvers
  • Gold

With the sheer choice of different colours available, it should not be very hard to find a style of flooring which matches your colour scheme, as well as your taste. You can even mix and match the different designs to come up with unique flooring patterns, to add a bit of personality to your floor, and really make it stand out.

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