Picking the Perfect Floor for your House


Ask yourself a question, on how you live on a daily basis. Do you need a floor that is easy to clean? Do you have pets? Are children going to be playing on the floor? Or are you the type to host parties all the time? How will the floor be exposed to moisture? How do you plan to clean the floor? How long do you expect your floor to last?

For Kitchen, durability is a must. It must also be easy to clean even after years of stain. Good choices for kitchen are wooden floors, ceramics, tiles and linoleum. Linoleum is inexpensive, easy to clean and has lots of designs. It’s a very good flooring for the kitchen. Ceramic tiles are even better, they are very inexpensive and comes in huge designs. They are very easy to clean, are not easily scratched, dented or broken. Tiles are easy to install too, but better watch out for movements as the tiles are easily broken. If your house is old, the movement of the house will break the tiles, unless you start repairing the sub floor too. One thing to consider with tiles is that if you have children and pets, it might be prone to injury and accidents to your children and pets especially when it is wet. You might want to purchase tiles that are textured for this kinds of situation. The best option is the hard wood. For me these are the best since it kind of give off “hominess” to the house. It is easy to clean, relatively inexpensive and most of all durable. Hard wood floors are also very good with kids, pets and high traffic volume of people, like parties and cocktails. It is very easy to install hard woods as well. One important thing to remember is that when installing hard wood, make sure that you also protect it with polyurethane, for moisture and stains from food.

For bathrooms, the best are tiles, and ceramics since it is always exposed to moisture. Granite tiles and limestone tiles are also good materials for the floor of the bathroom. Make sure that they are installed well. Also on the last part, it is also very important to use an interior decorator to make sure that all the floors will match the furniture or look of the house. Interior decorators can also consult on the best material for all your flooring if you are in doubt.

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