Why You Should Go For The Minimalist Approach In Interior Design

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Have you ever wondered why it’s more pleasing to look at a clean room with little interior design than looking at one that’s been decked with decorations from floor to ceiling? No matter how pretty the decorations are, your brain will still prefer to look at the room with little designs. And we can’t blame it because we like minimalist designs, even if we say we don’t.

Maybe you really don’t like the minimalist approach, sure, that can still happen. Still, your brain will still tell you to like the minimalistic room no matter what. Why?

Because our brain likes symmetry

Just like how our eyes are drawn to clean things, our brain is naturally a fan of looking at symmetry too. We are basically hardwired to love it, even if we sometimes disagree. To most, it’s like an untapped OCD that doesn’t really harm you nor anyone. It’s an annoying quirk sometimes, to have this itch in our brain where we would need fix something even it’s just a tiny nuisance, just to see it be aligned properly. Aside from that, our eyes would just really like to look at symmetrical stuff rather than the alternative. The minimalistic approach utilises symmetry, most of the time. Someone who likes his or her symmetry probably likes a minimalist room too.

It optimises our mental health

Colour and light often affects out mentality more than you would think. You would see articles about indoor plants bringing good mood into the room as well as lighting it up. You would often find yourself feel relaxed if the room is bright enough and if its space is bigger. Minimalistic design usually utilises primary colours and the usage of natural light. There is nothing that can bring your mood to a high quality than this kind of colouring and lighting.

It makes cleaning so easy

Since minimalistic interior design doesn’t really over-the-top decorations that litter themselves all over the place, your deco would just be put to a minimum, meaning you won’t really have that much. Cleaning with only so little furniture is easy, which makes people like me motivated to start cleaning. Usually we get discouraged cleaning knowing we have to move so much stuff from one place to another in order to scrub and sweep some spaces. But what if you don’t even have that much stuff? Cleaning is not only easier, it’s also a bit quicker, even if you do general cleaning.

Colours affect our mood

This is where point number two above highlighted. Our mood is very unpredictable sometimes, much like the ocean. We can’t control it even if we want to. At most, we could try to force ourselves into a good mood by giving ourselves distractions (our mobile phones are good at doing that). If you want a gentle shift in your mood that requires no effort, rely on colours. Colour does wonders with our mood and it’s why people really take a lot of time choosing which colour to paint their walls. For minimalist designing, go for light and neutral tones that don’t make you feel claustrophobic.

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