Photography In Decorating

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Decorating a house can be one of the most pleasurable parts of moving into a new home as it gives you the chance to put your own personalised stamp on the place, rather than maintain the personality reflections of the previous resident.

However, for some it can be a cause of great stress as there are so many permeations and possibilities to choose from, everything from the colours the walls are painted, the types of windows, power of the shower and so many more things that could go wrong, or look so right.

Getting the right look for the walls of a house is an especially important aspect that must be considered by anybody that wants to stand out from the multitudes in the crowd.

Photography is an often overlooked choice for decorating a home. It is surprising that more people do not take their own work seriously and offer it the credibility which it realistically deserves. While photographs may look quaint in a frame above the television or the fireplace, they can really make a difference when mounted on canvas and placed on the walls of rooms around the house.

These pictures are not only unique, once in a lifetime images, but they also trigger memories for those who were present when they were taken. This means that every time you look at that sunset, wedding or countryside image that you created, you will be transferred back there as you traverse the mental plane of the imagination.

In addition, guests can marvel at your photography skills and you can enthral them with the story of the time it was captured and what it means to you; essentially you are setting up your own, individualised and personal gallery in your home for the enjoyment of yourself and whoever you chose to let into your inner sanctum.

Canvas is the best surface to set digital photographs to and its effects are truly stunning; if you have not yet seen the possibilities available to combine modern canvas and photographic capabilities then you will be amazed.

We recommend our clients to take a look around their hard drive and locate a few pictures that they consider to be their favourites and we then print up a sample or two for them to consider before we embark on their overall home improvement project, the images chosen give us an insight into the personality type of the client we are dealing with and we feel that this is a great way for us to get to know each other very quickly in what is a very personal period for both us and our client. Many of our clients select landscapes as these leave a lot to the imagination to add the additional details which are not initially apparent.

This is in contrast to family pictures for which the narrative is usually fairly self-evident, however, many people do choose family images and these also stand out incredibly on canvas as the material is so durable and accommodating that even average looking images become outstanding.

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