What To Do With A Leaking Boiler

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The boiler is a critical component of your central heating system and much like any water container, it can develop a leak at any time. It is worth noting that we are dealing with hot water, which is also pressurised, and the most susceptible places for a leak are the joints and connectors.

Annual Central Heating Service

The best time to carry out a full service on your central heating is in September or October, before the really cold weather arrives and a major aspect of the service is the boiler. Your heating works tirelessly and even in the summer, the system provides you with essential hot water, while the boiler is controlled by the thermostat and is fired up in order to maintain the desired water temperature.

The heating engineer would likely request that you turn on the heating 30 minutes before his arrival, which allows the engineer to inspect the system while working and should he notice any corrosion, he would recommend repair. It goes without saying that the engineer servicing the system must be ‘gas safe’ and qualified to work with heating systems of all kinds.

Hard To Find Water Leaks

Of course, not all leaks are apparent. There are joints in every section of your home, behind the walls and under the flooring and should one spring a leak, this will result in damage of some form. If you notice water damage on a ceiling, seek a professional’s help. For example, you can call in Guildford leak detection specialists if you are located in the area. Each town in the world generally has at least one leak expert locals rely on. These experts would have the equipment and know-how to pinpoint the source of the leak and carry out effective repairs.

On-Demand Hot Water

If you do not have water-based central heating system in your home, you could install a hot water on demand shower unit, which heats up the water as it passes through the unit, eliminating the need for a hot water tank.

Boiler Replacement

If your boiler is around 10 years old, it might already be showing signs of excess wear and tear and switching to a combi boiler would save a lot in energy bills. While it is possible to replace burners and thermostats, if the boiler itself is old, the engineer would recommend an upgrade to a combi unit.  

Shut Down The Heating

Shutting down the central heating is the first thing to do when you notice a leak as well as turning off the water supply. Call in a water leak detection and repair contractor. You can find one at https://www.leakdetectioncompany.co.uk/. It would help to clear the area of furniture and if the floor covering can be removed, so much the better. If you don’t have a leak detection service’s number, search with Google and save the emergency number in your smartphone, along with other numbers of certain tradespeople that might be required.

Inspecting the central heating system is just one of the many aspects of property maintenance that the homeowner has to deal with and the inspection should be booked for the end of the summer, making sure that the system is running at optimum level for the winter months, when it is essential.

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